Sierra Leone has huge gaps in ICT policy – design and implementation are subpar both at national and educational levels. Our community school learners are suffering from a computer illiteracy predicament. An ICT policy has yet to be finalized, and the education sector has no systematic policy of integrating ICTs at all levels. There seems, however, to be a strong governmental will to make ICT a core component of its education reforms. This project aims to take a lead in introducing ICT to government schools for beginners. We aspire to introduce them when they are young as our nation lies in the younger generations hands. Currently, at the school level, especially government level, there is alarming scarcity in the infrastructure regarding computer and internet learning. We have yet to realize the baseline of equipping educational environments with access to computers. Efforts in this area are mainly through the support of NGOs. This is why we are requesting your noble support to aid the above project with your funding which will unquestionably yield dividends in our community and nation as a whole. We intend to start at the grassroots level in order to gain attention and grow a generation accustomed to engaging with the global trends of today - the technological world. Generally, ICTs is a broader term for IT, which refers to all communication technologies, including the internet, wireless networks, cell phones, computers, software, video conferencing, social networking, and other media applications and services.

The purpose of this project is to create a decentralized digital education among pupils and teachers of government schools by producing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) labs and providing the workforce to manage them for a period of five years. The primary goal is to train pupils and teachers to communicate globally using digital platforms. The curriculum and regimen used to accomplish this is a topic of intense research, and our efforts are intended to add to that body of research. As a side effect, it will be critical for pupils and teachers to be knowledgeable about coding and common system platforms (such as Microsoft Windows and Linux).

GRAND TOTAL (€) 60,458
The total sum of the project is Sixty thousand, Four hundred and fifty eight Euros

In summary, this ICT project for primary schools in Goderich Community seeks to enable young children in Sierra Leone to become familiar with recent technologies and inventions in the Information and Communication Technology world in order for them to understand and interact with the latest technology adaptations worldwide. We continue to pray for more provisions and blessings for all sponsors and supporters of young people throughout the world.

Rubic Academy Primary School

established in Sierra Leone by Kids Compassion Charity
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