Abubakarra Joseph Kamara

Our most urgent case: for over 8 months now the child Abubakarra has been experiencing small bowel obstructions which are preventing him from completing regular digestive processes. He is required to travel along with his mother to Ghana for a surgical procedure which requires opening his stomach. This will free him to eat and digest normally. It is a surgery without which his chances of survival drop significantly.

His barriers are access to funds for travel documents, transportation and safe shelter within the country where the procedure will take place.

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Personal Stories

These people have taken time to share with us some details of their backgrounds.

Fatmata Sankoh

Fatmata is a 10 year old Sierra Leonean girl with a neck fracture resulting from neglect. Her caretaker gave her an exceedingly heavy cassava bag to carry. She fell with the cassava bag and suddenly broke her neck. We are seeking to complete a CTC scan that costs $300 and find a doctor in India for her. Fatmata Sankoh is currently being bullied as she is a witch and can not even get to school. We are dedicated to getting Fatmata's situation back to normal.

Tamba Conteh

Tamba sought treatment for issues with ulcers for two years before discovering his kidney dysfunction. Renal (kidney) cortical necrosis is death of the tissue in the outer part of the kidney (cortex) that results from blockage of the small arteries that supply blood to the cortex and that causes acute kidney injury. Renal Replacement Therapy is available in Delhi where we have found good medical treatment prices including the flight ticket, accommodation, and food.

Mariama Harry

Mariama is a 22 year old woman who was discharged from the Cannaught hospital in Sierra Leone. About a year ago, she was seen for urgent hip problems. She left with a diagnosis stating vascular necrosis of the left femoral head with a recommendation for continued review by an overseas physician (haematologist) and a possible hemiarthroplasty. 

Hawa Mansaray

Hawa Mansaray, the grandmother of three, is a petty trader selling colanut with a capital of $30 which is what she uses to care for and feed the children. The grandmother came to Kids Compassion Charity for support this year and we helped send them to school. All three passed to the next level. The grandmother returned a second time and asked for support so they may create a more self-sustaining business. Life for her and the kids is quite challenging and their food access is in poor condition. She is looking for any donor who can help her and the kids. She is sending thanks and appreciation to the first donors that help to send the kids back to school. All of the parents of the children stay in remote communities and so they must remain in her care near the city.  
Contact number: 030217-365

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