Food for the Starting School Year

Our school year begins on September 30th, 2021. Students will attend class from Monday through Friday, which means we need resources to feed the students every school day from now until JulyIf meals are not available, many of the students will not attend: it is therefore essential we provide the basic daily subsistence in order to fuel their education. As it stands, we are in need of more donations to make this school year possible.

Our Team

Mustapha Idris Yaguba Cole

Mustapha Cole is a native of Sierra Leone. He is the Director and Founder of his home-based Kids Compassion Charity. He facilitates education and entrepreneurship programs in developing regions to increase computer literacy for Africans. Mustapha is also a crypto guru and CEO of Easy Money Transfer in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

David DeSantis

David DeSantis is a member of the Kids Compassion Charity. He helps to collect all PayPal donations on behalf of the charity and has been working with Kids Compassion Charity for the past six years. He is based in Jensen Beach, Florida, USA.

Upcoming Events 

September 30, 2021

Rural Education Committee (REC) School Oba Funkia

School Year Begins! 
Daily Meals Still Needed

June 4, 2021

Rural Education Committee (REC) School Oba Funkia

School Year Ends, Beginning of Summer


On November 6, a tanker exploded in a suburb of Freetown, Sierra Leone, directly impacting our community. As of the end of the day, at least 98 people have died. We are pooling funds to help the victims and affected families. Use the donation buttons below and note the money is for the tanker explosion fund.

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A Critical Time

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the families within our Goderich Community in Sierra Leone have been struggling to survive, facing food shortages and economic devastation. The priority of parents has shifted from educating their children to meeting their very basic needs. Our aim is to provide these children both subsistence and education.

A recent survey carried out by our field officers at the government primary schools in Goderich vicinity revealed that 1,000 of 1,500 Kids had severe deficiencies in their daily diet. Our Rural Education Committee (REC) School of Oba Funkia, Goderich has the highest rate of these underprivileged kids. Our work directly improves the physical wellbeing and educational prospects of those children most affected by the crisis. 

We give special thanks and appreciation to all our donors, especially Voluntaryism in Action, for the help and improvement in quality of life for school-going children in Sierra Leone during this unprecedented Covid-19 era. Your donations help keep our school feeding program and farming projects alive within Sierra Leone!

The Kids Compassion Charity is working diligently to see that our school feeding program and farming project for 2021/2022 continues to provide access to the Kids of Compassion Charity.

We need $32,192 for the upcoming semester

Our school is larger than ever. This semester we must cover the costs of feeding and educating over 600 students. As donations come in, we will update this bar to represent your contribution and how much more help we will require for this semester to happen. 



Momoh Kamara's Life Is In Danger
(November 5, 2021)

Momoh Kamara is suffering from head-swelling and needs urgent medical care.

The estimated cost for his full treatment is $25,000

If you would like to contribute to his health care, please donate and note you would like the funds to go to Kamara!

Read more about Momoh

Donations In Action

Some photos from our most recent food donations for the children and their families.
You can read some of their stories here.

What $32,192 buys for 600 children:

Rice: $6116

Tomatoes: $470

Salt: $190

Onions: $460

Cooking Oil: $515

Mosquito Spray: $940

Tea: $180

Sugar: $470

Administration: $1175

Transportation: $583

Incidentals: $673

Family Support: $335

Food for family: $20,078


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