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The recent death of our beloved co-founder, Toni Lane Casserly, has placed our children in a difficult position during the covid-19 crisis.

The country of Sierra Leone is on lockdown for the next 14 days, and in order to continue operations, we are looking to raise $2875 to sustain the 35 children depending on this program for sustenance during this difficult time.

So far we have raised $2050

This represents 71% of our goal of raising $2875 to help keep these children fed during the covid-19 lockdown.




Some photos from our most recent food donations for the children and their families.

What $2875 buys for 35 children:

Rice: $547

Tomatoes: $42

Salt: $17

Onions: $41

Cooking Oil: $46

Mosquito Spray: $84

Tea: $16

Sugar: $42

Administration: $105

Transportation: $52

Incidentals: $60

Family Support: $30

Food for family: $1793


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This charity is registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare,  Gender and Children's Affairs as a community based non-governmental organization.

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